A New Paradigm on Earth is calling for a new way of being and relating in male bodies.

An answer is birthing: around, within and through you.

This is a call to step up our leadership capacity and show up in service to life as whole and integrated men!

If you want to experience more purpose, courage, and clarity to guide your life in all areas (from relationships to business, health, sexuality and many more…), then we invite you to join us: For three full days, we’re bringing together a powerful and inspiring group of men, held in a safe space of trust and mutual support located in a beautiful nature setting.

An invitation to update and rewrite what it means to live from a male body is reaching out to you and craves for your answer.
Just as the world craves for your undivided serving presence AND your raw, unfiltered vulnerability.

As the facilitators, we’re walking the path ourselves and combining many years of expertise in various streams of men’s and transformational group work. Creating a synthesis that is aimed to birth a tangible shift in your everyday life.

We need each other to do this, and we feel honored that you hear the call to dedicate your personal transformation to the benefit of the greater whole.


The world needs us to step up as brothers and become integrated leaders who embody both courage and vulnerability to meet the challenges and tremendous potentials we’re facing as a species on an ascending planet. This is the time to create heaven on earth and choose love and trust over fear and control.

For Who

We’re calling those brothers who have done their inner work and feel the call to move beyond the limitations of what it means to be a man as conditioned by a dying system.

We’re rediscovering and redefining our role on this planet as stewards of life in service to the divine.

We’re calling you if you recognize the need to embrace your light as well as your darkness, move beyond your limitations and become whole through finding the stillness within that arises when we integrate the polarities inside and around us.


We’re creating a space that invites you to come more into alignment with who you know you can and want to be. Through the unconditional support of brothers, we guide you to embody the life that is in integrity with your values, in service to the whole.

We’re bridging many streams and traditions of men’s work and creating a synthesis based on the diverse experiences and many years of working with men and groups in transformational settings each of the facilitators bring.


This retreat is a powerful transformation crucible that emerges from all of us showing up fully. In just three days we will strengthen your sense of purpose, anchor you in true presence, align your being to connect deeper with life and move forward with clarity and flow.

We equip you with the tools and embodied experiences to have the courageous conversations to make tangible changes and hold you accountable to actually transform your everyday experience.

We use the resource of our body and emotions to go deep and be held in a safe space of trust and mutual support.

And we build community that will last beyond the retreat and connect you to a global community of awakening brothers and sisters who are cocreating this magnificent dawning of humanity on this planet.




Jonathan Klodt


Alexandre Alcacer


James Diesel


Rancho Delicioso

Located in Costa Rica, on the South point of the Nicoya Peninsula, Rancho Delicioso is an innovative eco-minded community project.
Bridging nature, technology, community, and entrepreneurship, it is an inspiring home of an Organic Farm, an ongoing Permaculture and Yoga Program, and many other projects.

Accommodations & Pricing

Option 1

Tent Space
Bring Your Own Tent
Cost: $999usd

Option 2

Deluxe Communal Accommodation
Cost: $1111usd

Option 3

Luxury Private Accommodation
Limited availability please inquire for cost

Important Information

As with any potent container of transformation, the Alchemy of Polarity men’s retreat is not for everyone.

Each application will be addressed through a free discovery call so we can connect with each other.

We look forward to speaking with you brother.