Leading Men to their Greatest Expansion
& Highest Expression


Each person carries within them unique gifts that this world needs.

It is our soul duty as individuals to identify and activate these gifts and embody our highest expression for the benefit of all.

As more individuals embark on this journey of self-realization the world will gradually shift into the qualities we all desire and know to be true - harmony, peace and joy - a higher state of consciousness.

This is the Soulution.

The fulfillment of this vision requires a lot of inner and outer work.

We men are constantly facing new challenges as we expand into our new and improved selves.

On this path it is all too common to experience limiting beliefs, personal barriers, unworthiness, self-doubt, blindspots and even depressive and suicidal states.

We are not alone in this battle and seeking support is encouraged.

It is true that you must face and break through these challenges time and time again.

This is where the support of a guide is so important.

  • To help you see what you cannot.
  • To bring clarity for your journey ahead.
  • To challenge you when times are good.
  • To support you when times are bad.
  • To anchor your greatest gifts and highest expression into reality.

We are the guides to walk alongside you on your journey to self-realization.


The Soulution is REAL®

Our model for guidance is based on the fact that we are seasonal beings.

Within each of us is an inner compass that calls us towards one of these three seasons in any given moment.

What’s REAL® for you right now is how we gain clarity on what comes next on your journey to self-realization.



This season calls for ceremony, an experience that shakes and moves you in order to help you remember who you really are and identify your gifts. A sacred celebration for self-realization.


This season calls for training, an experience that requires you to sharpen your skill set and work on the mastery of your gifts so that you ultimately become a guide for others. A journey of self-development, the “inner work” that is required of us to evolve from student to guide.

Aligned Leadership

This season calls for righteous service, an experience that invites you to step into action so that you can offer your gifts and highest expression to the world. A time for business, craftsmanship, consistency and persistence. The “outer work”.

1-on-1 Coaching

This elite coaching service is reserved for high-performing leaders who wish to take their lives to the next level.

We create custom engagements for each client based on our REAL® model for guidance.

We are very selective about who we coach because our time and capacity is limited, and we want to make sure that every single client will be successful with our coaching.

If you feel the call to work with us 1-on-1 please reach out and we will connect through an initial discovery call to assess if it is a good fit for both of us.


Journeying with the Shipibo

Ayahuasca Ceremony & Nature Immersion
Costa Rica
Feb 22-26, 2024

James Diesel

Jimmy Diesel

In his past life, James Diesel was on the traditional path to the American Dream.

He graduated from a top 25 business school with a 3.8 GPA, he was President of the Accounting & Business Assoc., received a Big 4 corporate accounting firm job offer, and thought he was the cool sports jock & party animal.

Nothing was in the way of James’s millions and white picket fence!

Until the year 2012 when his awakening began (side note - how interesting that so many awakened in 2012, the year the Mayans predicted the world would end. Maybe the world did not end physically, but it seems to have shifted many spiritually).

The next few years consisted of many, many documentaries, books, travels, spiritual paths, plant medicines and teachings.

Multi-month road trips visiting the USA national parks, backcountry camping trips where consistent 10-mile hiking days were the norm, snowboarding in the Rockies for a winter, overseas continental trips for months at a time, immersing in a yogic ashram and obtaining a Registered Yoga Teacher certification, facilitating retreats and sacred sound circles (just to name a few!).

Sustainable travel and remote work became a focus as James decided to merge all the good from his past life into his newly awakened perspective. With all of his business and entrepreneurial training, he formed a marketing business that peaked at 12 employees and $60,000 in monthly revenue before burning out and scaling it down.

Today, James focuses on helping men step into their greatest expansion and highest expression through Soulution. Combining all the teachings and embodiments he’s received throughout his life, James tailors his coaching engagements to each individual using his REAL® model for guidance and makes sure each client is treated like family.

These days, you can find James on a Costa Rican beach sipping on a coconut with his two loves - a guitar and his beautiful partner, Areli (with the occasional meditation, client call, spiritual pilgrimage and slice of pizza, of course!).


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